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On-Demand-Webinar: Tips and Tricks for Managing an Effective Helpline

Learn how to improve your hotline effectiveness and encourage a speak up culture.



This Webinar covers:

  • How can my company move beyond check the box compliance , and what does a demonstrably effective Helpline actually look like in practice?
  • It’s my organization’s first time setting up an employee-focused Helpline… what should we do first? (We’ll also cover how to get leadership buy-in for a full platform.)
  • We’re going through a M&A/moving toward an IPO… how can we make sure our ethics and compliance program isn’t dropped in the process?
  • My organization already has a Helpline in place, but what’s the best way to scale the program?
  • I know you can’t create an effective Helpline in a vacuum – what else needs to happen within the organization to facilitate success?