Finding the Best Hotline Technology for Your Company

Effectivehotline technology must provide numerous and consistent intake channels such as phone, in-person or online. In order to successfully implement that hotline technology you need to focus on employee engagement and hotline integration with your case management system. The types of reporting, customer support, and analytics produced by the hotline are important as well.

Convercent’s integrated, multilingual reporting system allows your employees to securely and confidently file anonymous reports through your hotline, mobile app, email, in-person or online, giving you a defensible, auditable record of incidents and investigations.

Convercent’sHotline & Case Managerdelivers:

  1. Automated stakeholder notification to escalate issues based on severity
  2. In-depth analysis of relationships between risks, issues, disclosures, policies and training
  3. Real-time dashboards, drill-down reports and customizable data exports
  4. Flexible settings to quickly change user permissions, add or remove locations or adjust data settings
  5. Choices for employees to decide between multiple anonymity levels

Effective hotline technology is critical to a comprehensive compliance program. Download the practical guide now.

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