Analyst Report

FSGO: A Comprehensive Guide to Maintaining Compliance

Program Efficacy, Human Behavior Considerations and Program Ideas & Innovations

How to Reduce the Organizational Likelihood of an FSGO Violation

This latest Convercent resource is designed to show you how to demonstrate an effective compliance and ethics program within your organizations . Where the FSGO is concerned, case after case has shown that demonstrably effective programs give organizations a leg-up in their defenses.

Throughout each section of this ebook on FSGO compliance, you’ll learn:

  • More about the FSGO, including the criteria that must be met to remain compliant.
  • How to use knowledge of human behavior to experiment with tactics and achieve massive results.
  • Innovative ethics and compliance program ideas for FSGO excellence , including games, activities, initiatives, and more.

Using the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines as a framework, discover expert recommendations that you can use in your own organization. Whether you’re a CECO looking to arm your team for success or an in-the-trenches compliance practitioner looking for tools to help assess your program, this practical guide offers useful, actionable tips for elevating your compliance program.

This ebook was developed with insights from:

  • Keith Read, Director, Europe, Convercent
  • Katie Smith, EVP, Chief Compliance Officer, Convercent

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