FCPA Compliance Software Alignment

The purpose of FCPA Compliance Software is to help protect your organization from FCPA-related fines, and damage to its reputation. This enforcement is related to anti-corruption and bribery laws and has made it clear that a well-designed and implemented FCPA program can keep your organization from facing penalties, including:

  • Policies
  • Training
  • Communication and Tracking

Convercent’s FCPA Compliance Software aligns your organization’s prioritized risks and allows you to manage your entire compliance program from a single, fully-integrated platform.

When everything is working in tandem, it’s easy to measure success, pinpoint weaknesses and dig into the data you need, without having to first find the right data.

Whether your organization is just starting an FCPA program or have had one for years, you should take a few minutes to read the practical guide to the right.

This checklist outlines over two dozen important considerations that will help guide your company’s FCPA plan, in turn, they will help reduce what represents a major risk for companies.

Download the Guide