FCPA Compliance Checklist

Check Every Item Off the FCPA Compliance Checklist

The FCPA, or foreign corrupt practices act, was established to address transparent accounting practices and concerns over bribery of foreign officials. Following an FCPA compliance checklist is imperative when engaging international business. Without specific policies to guide employees, companies are exposing themselves to unnecessary risk.

Companies can benefit from Convercent’s integrated compliance solution to mitigate risk when conducting business.Training, risk assessment, and corporate policies are key factors the U.S. government considers when determining whether a compliance program is effective.

Three crucial products Convercent offers that allows you to check off every item on your FCPA compliance checklist are:

  1. Policy Manager –Increase the scale and reach of your initiatives, reinforcing key concepts, communicating expectations, and measuring completion and compliance
  2. Conflict of Interest Manager –Easily collect, manage, and update relationship disclosures while ensuring fair, transparent, and irreproachably compliant business practices
  3. Hotline & Case Manager –Manage and resolve multiple issue types in a single case as well as set preferences for anonymity, access, data privacy, and issue types

Help your organization stay away from violations by following a FCPA compliance checklist. Download this practical guide to start reviewing your compliance program.

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