How to Tell your Board of Directors an Effective Compliance Story

New Resource from Industry Experts – Ethisphere and Convercent

Expert Advice, Actionable Strategies, Real Results

It’s the end of the year and time to report your annual results to the board. This latest Convercent resource is designed to help youdeliver a successful presentation to your board of directors using the art of storytelling.

Each section of this short ebook delivers actionable resources that will prepare you for questions the board may ask, craft the right message that resonates with your board, and ultimately, own the compliance function. It will help you get the respect your program deserves by driving meaningful and impactful conversation.

At the end of this short guide, you will be able to apply key foundational principles to every board meeting. This ebook includes:

  • A sample board reporting template to formulate your board deck
  • Suggested compliance topicsto focus on during your time with the board
  • A board report roadmap to guide you in determining timing, influence of other departments who are key stakeholders and the best way to package it all together
  • A checklist of key steps in your board reporting process so that when you walk into your next meeting there are no last minute surprises

This ebook was developed with insights from:

  • Katie Smith, EVP, Chief Compliance Officer, Convercent
  • Erica Salmon Byrne, EVP and Executive Director of BELA, The Ethisphere Institute
  • Panelists from the Converge ’16 User Conference

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