Frustrated with the rigidity of their case management system and their disjointed data operation, pulling reports and distributing policies to employees became a slow and tedious endeavor.


When they consolidated their case management, policy distribution, and data operations into Convercent’s integrated platform, DISH Network empowered their entire HR department to streamline their current efforts and expand their capabilities. They discovered new opportunities for enhanced policies and disclosures because of Convercent’s comprehensive and configurable back-end policy management processes.

“There were some things that potentially weren’t on our radar when we first implemented Convercent. When we started to do the work that was needed to set up all of the polices and disclosures that we wanted – just doing that research – raised awareness on issues that weren’t on our radar previously.”

AK Miller – HR Compliance Manager

DISH Network provides services to approximately 19 million customers and is constantly innovating in the telecommunications space, but their compliance team was confined by outdated tools and processes that couldn’t keep up with their fast-moving, global operations.

AK Miller, HR Compliance Manager for DISH Network, knew that her teams’ energy and enthusiasm were being wasted in tedious and time-consuming manual policy distribution and one-off data inquiries from scattered sources.

When their case management vendor couldn’t adapt to their needs without costly reconfiguration, they switched to Convercent’s Ethics Cloud Platform. With Convercent’s comprehensive ethics and compliance solution, DISH was able to leverage their company insights to meet their needs and discover new areas for innovation.

The Challenge

In the past, DISH Network’s case management was time-intensive and reporting was hindered by disjointed and redundant data from multiple, undefined sources. When every report came from duplicated fields and decentralized sources, it was impossible to produce effective and timely reporting to leadership and other stakeholders. The compliance team was also frustrated by their hyper-manual policy distribution processes, and were tired of printing off policies for employees to read and sign.

Because their operation is so large, these resource-heavy processes were holding Miller’s team back.  “We had no way of distributing new policies to existing employees,” she says, “aside from – I kid you not – printing them out on pieces of paper and having people sign them and then scanning them.” Additionally, their data was not working for them. “There were a million duplicate fields. It was really hard, especially at the executive level, to pull out the nuggets that someone would need to understand what happened,” Miller continues. “The same information needed to be entered in 12 different places but then, you somehow couldn’t find it when you needed it.”

Finding a Solution With Convercent by OneTrust

DISH Network decided to adopt Convercent’s Helpline & Case Manager, Insights, and Policy Manager tools and with that decision, they welcomed a wide range of unexpected enrichment. Miller was excited to discover new opportunities through the adoption of their new integrated platform. “There were some things that potentially weren’t on our radar when we first implemented Convercent. When we started to do the work that was needed to set up all of the polices and disclosures that we wanted, just doing that research raised awareness on issues that weren’t on our radar previously.” Empowered by a robust and fully-configurable platform, Miller was armed with easily accessible data and upgraded reporting methods. “Post-Convercent, everything is streamlined, it’s more efficient and so easy to present our executives with a one-pager so that everyone clearly can see what happened and how we’ve moved on,” she says.

After exploring and configuring their tools to suit their needs, Miller noticed a marked improvement in her ability to provide digestible insights to leadership. “Insights provides us with the ability to really pull some custom reporting directly from the tool,” she said. “It makes it more digestible for the board so that they can see what’s important, and effectively ask the questions that they need based on what they’re looking at.”

  • A dynamic mobile experience improved accessibility and onboarding for employees without an assigned computer or while operating in the field
  • Improved reporting methods and data analytics for external reporting
  • A more powerful national policy distribution process, with configurable criteria, targeted audiences, and tracking
  • Redundant and time intensive workflows were replaced by streamlined processes, saving time and resources across the organization
  • A significant decrease in case management start to finish/average days to close

After DISH Network was emboldened by the power of an integrated compliance solution, they noticed a marked improvement across their HR and compliance functions. According to Miller, “Having an integrated solution at DISH has been amazing in terms of ease of use, [and] having a centralized place to find all of the things that we need.”  Miller, happy with her decision to partner with Convercent, said, “I would definitely recommend Convercent as a vendor to others looking for the things that we needed when we were looking at Convercent. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to do all of your compliance things in one place, Convercent is definitely the one.”