Analyst Report

Customer Success: Juniper Networks

A Matter of Commitment

Juniper Networks uses Convercent to strengthen their commitment to transparency

When you are a company with a global influence in the communications and data networks space, your corporate ethics and compliance program is a huge driver of your business. Trying to manage that amount of data in basic workflows using Word or other applications not meant for that specific use is cumbersome and data can get lost easily.

Juniper Networks realized they needed to move from a basic solution to something more robust, data heavy, and analytical to manage their employee education and conflict of interest disclosures with ease.

Our latest case study details how they were effortlessly able to move from a manual process using emails to an integrated cloud platform to keep up with the size and scope of their developing company.

We needed an integrated system for creating and rolling out education materials, handling disclosure intake more efficiently, and then analyzing the data to maximize the program’s effectiveness.