CONVERGE18 Takeaways

Elevate Your Program with Top Takeaways from Industry-Leading Experts and Visionaries at E&C’s Top Conference

Put Ethics in Action with Impactful Insights, Solutions and Actionable Strategies

CONVERGE18 is Convercent’s annual conference where ethics and compliance leaders, professionals and influencers meet to discuss industry trends, tools and solutions in colorful Colorado.

Building off of last year’s theme of driving ethics to the center of business for a better world, CONVERGE18 put ethics in action. Keynotes, presentations and roundtables focused on connecting ethics and compliance to business performance through process augmentation and data visualization.

Attendees came away with a lot of valuable information, perspectives, insights and actionable takeaways to bring back to their organization…and now it’s your turn. We’re sorry you couldn’t make it, but we don’t want you to miss out.

We’ve compiled the Top 15 Lessons from CONVERGE18 in the downloadable eBook available here.

  • Discover why organizational justice is the most important indicator of your program’s health.
  • See how global companies are increasing engagement by meeting employees where they are…no matter what.
  • Find out how to increase reporting rates by 57% using the right application.
  • Gain insights into your program’s level of quality with a measurement framework and benchmarking application.

Download your eBook today and take a piece of the CONVERGE18 wisdom with you.

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