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How to Achieve a High Quality Program (HQP) in Today’s VUCA Era

Get the 5 HQP principles to determine where your program stands and where it could do better

Remember when there was a lag time on the news? You’d hear something – a trade war started, a natural disaster hit, tax rates fell, tax rates rose… and then you’d learn more, discuss, digest, and move on.

Today, we’re operating in the VUCA era – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. There’s more pressure, choices, factors and it’s less clear what the right path is. Regardless, the job of E&C professionals is to create and drive a supportive environment where good people can make good decisions.

Patricia Harned, CEO of the Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI), discusses the role of ethics and compliance in today’s VUCA era by highlighting the differences between “check-the-box” solutions versus High Quality Programs (HQP), and you may be surprised by the research.

  • Is my program making a difference?

    The Global Business Ethics Survey, completed by ECI, shows even the most basic program sees returns over no program at all.
  • Does high cultural engagement indicate more ethical behavior?

    Strong organizational culture correlates positively with better outcomes in terms of employee conduct, and reducing key risks for FCPA violations, FCA violations and other white collar crime.
  • How do you know if your program is “check-the-box” or HQP?
    Define your program’s maturity using the resources provided in Patricia’s presentation. Programs are classified as Underdeveloped, Defining, Adapting, Managing, and Optimized.

As you gain deeper insights into ECI’s research and the HQP measurement framework, you’ll learn how to apply actionable strategies to your program to achieve data-based results. Then, download the framework after watching Patricia’s presentation to elevate your program, culture and ethical outcomes.

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