CONVERGE18 – CEO as Activist: Whose Role is it Anyway?

Who Speaks for an Organization When Ethics Comes into Question?

A CEO, a Board Member, and a former CEO walk onto a stage...

In today’s ultra-connected world, consumers want more insight into an organization’s stance on politics, controversies and current events.

As businesses are put in the position to speak out and take a stand, whose responsibility is it to be the spokesperson?

Should you even speak out at all?

Often the CEO takes the spotlight, responding as a representative for the organization as a whole…but is that their role?

Join panelists Jay Fulcher (CEO of Zenefits), Jewell Hoover (Board Member for a variety of organizations, including the AARP), and Walter Rakowich (former CEO at Pro Logis) for a lively discussion on the role of CEO today.

  • According to Jewell, 80% of Americans want CEOs to speak up, but what is the right way to do it?
  • Walt says 76% of people will not buy your product after speaking out on a certain topic. How do you weigh potential risks and benefits without knowing the response of consumers?
  • Jay takes into account the growing number of Millennials and Generation Z employees who want to work in places of purpose. Could silence equate to a talent shortage?

While no one can determine what’s right for your organization, you need to have these conversations before the next hot topic starts trending. Gain candid insights from a range of perspectives in this thought-provoking discussion that may change how you respond.

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