CONVERGE18 – The Future Computed: Artificial Intelligence and its Role in Society

Incorporating Ethics into the Positive Use of Artificial Intelligence

As computers behave more like humans, how will they impact real people?

It’s a question ethics professionals need to think about, considering Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly developing field impacting organizations across industries.

Whether it’s using chatbots for intake and problem solving, voice recognition for security or real-time translation over video conference, AI is becoming an accessible and realistic tool.

Microsoft’s mission is to make AI’s benefits available to everyone. With vast amounts of data and huge computational power, Microsoft is democratizing AI across cultures, but what are the ethical implications?

Michael McLoughlin, Director of Global Government Affairs, provides insight into the steps Microsoft is taking for responsible AI use worldwide. In this video, you’ll learn the same 6 ethical principles that Microsoft uses to guide its AI operations.

While issues like privacy and security have and continue to be part of the technical conversation, aspects of fairness and inclusion make the emergence of AI unique and challenging.

  • Get an understanding of the current ethical framework AI is operating under, as well as concerns and implications for future advancements.
  • Take an inside look at how Microsoft is using AI in healthcare, environmental protection and humanitarian action.
  • Understand the potential economic impact of AI and how that could affect organizations, businesses and even entire countries.

Even if you aren’t utilizing AI right now, Michael emphasizes that it will soon be a part of everyday life. Get a jumpstart on this fast-acting technology to understand how it could be applied to elevate your program and organization in the near future.

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