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Conflicts of Interest Resource Kit

Get the tools you need to start building an integrated COI program today, before it’s too late

Conflicts of Interest are one of the riskiest areas for your program to ignore. Shying away developing an integrated COI program leaves your company and organization wide open to: hefty regulatory fines, culture crashes, ineffective communication strategy, distrust for the compliance department and organization-wide reputation damage from the inside out.


  • COIs are the third most commonly observed type of misconduct (2013 National Business Ethics Survey)
  • Only 49 percent of workers who observe COI misconduct report what they see (NBES), meaning 50 percent or more of COIs are going unreported
  • A combined 74 percent of companies use internal/desktop tools – or none at all – to manage COIs (2015 Compliance Trends Survey from Deloitte and Compliance Week)

This kit is packed with content to help you get started. It includes:

  • Ebook: Conflicts of Interest: The New Reality
  • Webinar: Don’t Let the Tail Wag the Dog: How to Manage COI and Mitigate Compliance Risk
  • Magazine: The Compliance Report: Special Issue
  • Blog post: Introducing Conflicts of Interest 2.0
  • Tour: How do you currently manage disclosures?
  • Overview: COI Manager Solution

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