Tackling Conflicts of Interest Risk

Proactively Manage Conflicts of Interest and Create a Culture of Accountability

Reduce paperwork. Eliminate excuses. Minimize risk.

The potential for damage to your reputation and business from conflicts of interests is hiding around every corner. And the cost of doing nothing–or at least just doing what you’ve always done–is high and the penalties for failure are severe.

In this eBook, you will learn how uncovering conflicts of interest and proactively managing them can save your business and your career. Key topics include:

  • Disclosure fundamentals and common COI scenarios, plus some not so common ones
  • The high cost of conventional COI management, including industry examples
  • Best practices for managing COI
  • Key considerations for a COI disclosure system

Automated COI management systems can help you assert greater control over your ethics and compliance programs so don’t miss out on this exclusive piece to help you get started!