Creating A Compliance Training Plan For Your Organization

An effective compliance training plan requires you to cover all your bases without duplication to avoid training fatigue. A strong education plan is a crucial part of your organization and should constantly be evolving. Your goal with training courses should be to develop them in tandem with your policies to provide clarification and understanding of the policy itself.

It’s important that your training is accessible to all employees, both in a physical aspect and conceptually.Convercent helps you create custom campaigns that take care of sending policies, training courses, attestation reminders, and tracks all these communication efforts and results.

Convercent’s fully integrated compliance platform includes products to administer your compliance training plan with features such as:

  • A single dashboard to provide visibility into your training delivery, performance and impact on employee behavior
  • A centralized place for employees to meet all compliance obligations. Training courses make more sense alongside related policies
  • Scheduled delivery of trainings to targeted groups of employees
  • Quickly and easily assess training completion rates to add real value to your program and organization.

Download the inventory template now to see review how you can quickly improve your compliance training plan today.

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