Implementing A Compliance Risk Matrix

Convercent has a fully integrated platform with compliance products to assist in creating a compliance risk matrix for your organization.See how different policies, cases and other factors are increasing or decreasing your risks and quickly drill down into in depth data for more clarity to know if specific areas need your attention.

Generating a compliance risk matrix with Convercent’s compliance solutions allows you to:

  1. Implement a central platform – Bring information together in a cohesive compliance management solution
  2. Link initiatives to risk – Tools and data work together to to address risks
  3. Enhance communication – Convey company expectations and standards, send training reminders and solicit disclosures and feedback
  4. Automate reporting – Effective oversight with thorough and thoughtful analysis
  5. Monitor program results – Continuous, effective monitoring of information as it comes in

Download the guide to see how Convercent can help you create an effective compliance risk matrix.

Download the Guide