Conducting A Compliance Risk Assessment

As a compliance professional, you can’t mitigate risk unless you know it exists in the first place. Conducting a thorough compliance risk assessment is a best practice that allows you to uncover threats posed to your organization’s financial, organizational and reputational standing.To understand your risk exposure, it’s imperative for you to improve your compliance risk assessment process to know for certain you are incorporating compliance risk exposure.

With Convercent, you can make sure your compliance risk assessment is robust and aligned with the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO). Compliance risk assessments are easy with Convercent products that give you:

  • Real-time reporting and dashboardsshow predictive analytics, progress, and hotspots at a glance
  • Unparalleled access to integrated data from across your organization to help yousteer policy proactively
  • AutomateCOI formsfor greater transparency and efficiency
  • Integration of intake withcase managementto proactively manage employee behavior issues

Inside our FSGO guide, available for download to the right, you can gain insight into the most commonly used framework for ethics and compliance program effectiveness. Download the guide to cut risk down in your organization and put a sound process in place for your compliance risk assessment activities.

Ensure effective compliance and defensibility for your organization.

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