Compliance Program Hallmarks Assessment Template

A Free Template from the Compliance Experts at Convercent

Get an accurate picture of your compliance program maturity

Download this Compliance Program Hallmarks Assessment Templateto assess each of your program hallmarks using the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO) framework.

Created as part of thePractical Guide to Program Review & FSGO Benchmarking,each targeted program area is given a rating. An aggregate rating can then be calculated for each hallmark. The ratings allow you to identify opportunities, analyze the root cause of the deficiency, assign ownership for improvement action and track next steps to ensure any vulnerabilities or weaknesses are resolved.

*TheCompliance Program Hallmarks Assessment Template in no way replaces the need for formal measurement, analysis andreportingof program KPIs. We simply hope it will be a handy tool as you take a critical and ongoing look at your program’s effectiveness!

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