Implementing A Compliance Management Process For Your Organization

Implementing a compliance management process means ensuring that policies and procedures are followed according to their set up. Integration and technology are your keys to an effective compliance management process.

With Convercent’s compliance management platform, you cancreate a configurable process unique to your business that mitigates risk and fully integrates your compliance needs– all within an easily accessible single platform:

  1. Configurable dashboards: with up-to-the-minute results for quick response and action
  2. Hotline & Case Manager: integrate intake with case management and in-depth reporting
  3. Policy Manager: automated delivery and tracking of company policies
  4. Conflicts of Interest Manager: results in fewer conflicts and greater transparency
  5. Predictive analytics: be proactive instead of reactive

Get your copy of our comprehensive guide to get started implementing a compliance management process and start reviewing your program to meet regulation.

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