Convercent Reporting Dashboard

Integrated Insight for Actionable Intelligence

Put your compliance tools and data to work—together—to address your risks, achieve your objectives and measure your progress. Organizing data and performance metrics by your risk areas, Convercent gives your hotline reports, disclosures, policy attestations and training completions the critical context you need to truly understand and improve effectiveness.

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Reporting Your Board Will Appreciate

Increase the granularity and measurability of your results to defend effectiveness, show improvement and measure the impact of your efforts. Produce reports showing your risk priorities, the initiatives you've implemented and the results you've achieved more easily and quickly than ever before—which can instill confidence from senior leadership and be perceived as timely cooperation by regulators.

Convercent reporting offers ultimate flexibility.

Unmatched Data Access for Ultimate Flexibility

With Convercent, your data is just that—yours. We give you unparalleled access to a breadth and depth of data so you can do with it what you need to meet your organizational goals and reporting requirements.


We make it easier to access and manage your compliance program data and get a true picture of effectiveness throughout your organization. Quickly get to the root cause of a poor-performing business process, prioritize resources where they’re most needed and establish program benchmarks. Each layer of reporting has been designed with the end user’s experience, business objectives and ease of use in mind.

Dashboard Reports

Dashboard Reports

Graphs and charts provide quick, high-level views of key compliance risks, hotline reports, relationship disclosures, policy attestations and compliance course completions. Using our innovative drag and drop system, administrators can quickly and easily create a unique dashboard to meet their specific needs.

Web-Based Reporting

Web-Based Reporting

Choose from a variety of pre-built reports with drill-down capabilities at multiple levels that present the information any way you would like, in real time. Rich filtering capabilities help you manage, organize and change the view of the report based on your reporting needs and preferences.

Convercent Data Services

Convercent Data Services

With powerful and customizable reports and analytics at your fingertips, you can access and export real-time data and create customized reports to meet the specific needs of your organization. Charts and graphs linked to data feeds via Excel workbooks and/or PowerPoint templates can be updated with real-time data in a single click. Ultimately, you’re able to assemble forward-facing reports for review by the executive team, board, audit committee, regulators and others in just a few clicks.

Convercent's End of Year Reporting Success Kit

End of Year Reporting Success Kit

Whether you work on the calendar year or your company’s own fiscal calendar, the "end of the year" is always a time for reflections, assessment, planning and reports. This End of Year Reporting Success Kit will walk you through the three distinct stages of preparing your report so you can confidently stand in front of the board come presentation time.

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