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See why Convercent’s Hotline and Case Manager is the best solution on the market:

  1. Performance: Convercent’s anonymous hotline is 24/7/365 We provide the industry’s best caller experience with 80% of calls answered in 20 seconds and <5% abandon rate. The result? Our hotline customers report more completed calls, with better data, from less anonymous callers.
  2. Integrated Compliance: See your cases alongside your policies, trainings and disclosures for a holistic view of how your compliance initiatives impact employee behavior
  3. Intuitive: The most user-friendly interface and design in the industry, making it much easier for your employees to use to create a healthy “speak-up” and transparent culture.
  4. Partnership: We’re your trusted partner, giving direct access to your dedicated Customer Solutions Manager who will get you implemented in just a few days or weeks (not months) for faster time to value and impact.

Take a 2-minute tour to see first-hand how Convercent’s enterprise compliance software drastically improves the intake, management, investigation and monitoring of misconduct reports for corporate compliance teams.

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