A Better View

Disclosures are now more important than ever due to the Analysis and Remediation of Underlying Misconduct per the DOJ’s recently (Feb 2017) released Evaluation Guidance. However, today most ethics and compliance programs artificially constrain disclosures by only asking for disclosures from senior management and only once per year. This can be the difference between 1% of your workforce reporting disclosures vs. 20%. Unfortunately, this artificial constraint causes informational blindness and increased organizational risk.

Increase Visibility and Reduce Risk

Taking a proactive approach with your entire workforce provides valuable data for understanding risk and an early warning system for potential future hotline issues. Convercent Disclosures manages this process for you.

  • Customize questionnaires based on conflicts of interest such as board memberships, outside financial Interests, personal relationships, and outside employment.
  • Approve or deny any disclosures, including conditional approval to support workforce flexibility while protecting company interests.
  • Allow employees to update their disclosure status anytime as circumstances change.

Automated Disclosure Workflows

Automate the distribution of disclosure questionnaires to targeted employee groups by using attributes from your Human Resources business system. Customize each automated workflow with specific messages and reminders, and then track completion rates. Step in only when your input is required to review, update or archive disclosures.

Identify Early Signs of
Underlying Misconduct

Convercent creates one place for all your ethics and compliance disclosure information: gifts given, board memberships, outside financial interests, personal relationships, outside employment, and more. Use the power of analytics to visualize where risk exists for FSG, SOX, NYSE 303A, COSO and corporate governance. Proactively identify early signs of potential underlying misconduct or contributing factors to understand root causes.

Less Admin, More Action

Life moves fast. So does this software. Specify how often employees need to check their disclosures for accuracy, while making it easy to review, update or archive disclosures anytime things change. Require multiple approvals for certain COIs and provide reviewers with clearance templates. You'll close disclosure gaps and reduce the time it takes to keep things up to date.

Get Started, Get Smarter

Whether you're implementing COI management for the first time or overhauling an existing process, we're here to help. We'll show you what a difference Convercent Disclosures can make for you, your team and your employees.