Around the Clock, Around the World

Fully operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and available in more than 200 languages, Convercent’s whistleblower hotline offers a secure, easy and non-threatening way for your global workforce to report issues or concerns.

Flexibility Meets Quality

Our compliance helpline can swiftly accommodate fluctuations in call volume, offering an unmatched ability to scale for customers of size and peak call times. Our seasoned call center experts are incentivized on call quality, not quantity. Moreover, our call center's low turnover rates, rigorous training process and five monthly reviews yield the industry’s best call quality and handling metrics.

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By the Numbers

Talk is cheap. Our call center walks the walk each and every day, putting up some pretty impressive performance metrics:

calls answered within 20 seconds
2 min.
average hold time for interpreter
calls abandoned
9 min.
average talk time

No Call Left Behind

Our caller-centric experience is the reason for our customers’ exceptional results and loyalty. We focus on minimizing the times your reporting parties have to hold, wait for a translator or sit through the legal terms and conditions, because we know that the longer you make them wait, or more they perceive the process to be burdensome or threatening, the more likely they are to abandon calls or withhold important information.

Get a Better Hotline

Companies (and their employees) prefer our hotline. Call us and we'll tell you why. Or call your current hotline, then ours, and hear it for yourself.