Changing Regulations and Administrative Burden

Government regulations, including federal sentencing guidelines, require appropriate policies to support ethical employee behavior along with relevant training of those policies, including your code of conduct. However, policies continue to evolve and employees constantly change—identifying who signed which policy or completed which training at any specific time can quickly become an administrative nightmare.

Employee scorecard

The Employee Scorecard

Be in a position of affirmative defense—instantly see the compliance status for any employee globally. For each employee, Convercent Campaigns tracks the policy version attested to and the date attested, plus maintains a full record of training results, all of which you can web search and retrieve instantly. Use summary dashboards, detailed employee scorecards, canned web reports, and customizable data exports to verify, measure, analyze and defend attestation and training results.

Automated Workflows Increase Productivity

Convercent Campaigns uses automatic workflows to distribute policies and online training to targeted employee groups. Convercent integrates with your HR system, such as Workday, to further enhance your policy and online training initiatives. Messages, reminders, policies and trainings can be customized with each automated workflow. Convercent Campaigns will automatically track completion rates and highlight any overdue policies or trainings not completed. Spend less time managing, and instead focus on analyzing results to proactively align delivery of policies and training to areas of opportunity or heightened risk.

Worry-Free Version Control

When the ethics and compliance team updates a policy, the previous version is automatically archived, preserving information while facilitating easy retrieval. In addition, your team can store training in multiple formats and deliver online courses on-demand, periodically, or with a corrective campaign. A single platform for policies, training, disclosures, issue intake, and case management allows your team to spend less time on administrative overhead and more time on the programs that make a difference.

Ready to increase your productivity and reduce your risk?

Offload the administrative overhead in your ethics and compliance program to the Convercent platform and use the time to dive into analytics and contribute at a strategic level.