It’s as easy as 1-2-3

In three simple steps, you can set up auto-distribution for new hire policy attestation, create a single campaign for annual compliance certifications, and distribute on-the-fly trainings to the locations that need them.

Campaign Step 1

Design Your Campaign

Customize messaging and attach the relevant action items, such as policy attestations and compliance trainings.

Campaign Step 2

Target Employee Groups

Distribute your campaign company-wide or to specific employee groups, such as locations, teams, or departments.

Campaign Step 3

Automate Follow-Up

Set up custom reminder emails that are triggered if action items aren't completed by the required deadline.

Align your employees with your organizational expectations, at scale.


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Provide Understanding & Direction for Employees

Customize the campaign language, telling employees exactly what they need to do, and why it’s important. They’ll better understand why you’re contacting them and find it easier to do what you’re asking. After all, people are more likely to complete a task if they understand the reason behind it.

Furthermore, with Campaigns, your employees don’t need to jump through hoops and navigate confusing UX all in the name of compliance. Instead, they receive a straightforward email and with one click, enter the Convercent app to complete their action item.


Policy and Training Distribution Image

Attach Policies, Trainings, and Questionnaires

Whether you are communicating company expectations to new employees through policy attestations, reinforcing current expectations by assigning training, or uncovering hidden risks through distributing questionnaires, the Convercent campaign tool is here to help you to distribute the right action items to the right people.


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Be Highly Targeted with Your Communication

Combined with customized messaging, the ability to target specific employee groups allows you to send the right message to the right people, at the right time. You’re building greater visibility across the business, creating efficiency, and leveling up your team’s effectiveness.

Target specific attributes within you employee population such as:

  • Job Title
  • Geography
  • Department


Automated Compliance Campaign Software Image

Create Controls to Drive Campaign Completion

Don’t waste your team’s time tracking down employees who haven’t completed action items on time. Instead, build your campaign with layers of customized emails that are sent automatically over time, or triggered by missed deadlines.

And, distribute accountability across the organization by including supervisors on emails to employees who miss deadlines.

We’re really excited about the campaign functionality where we can send out communications to our employees that contain policy material and training material in one communication.

Kristy Meringolo
Chief Compliance Officer at Hain Celestial

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See How Each Campaign Performs with
Dedicated Metrics

Track Progress and Completion Rate

Compliance Campaign Completion Reports

Design your compliance program KPIs with campaign completion rates and track your progress as they are completed.

View Individual Employee Statuses

Individual Employee Campaign Statuses

Track progress on a granular level, with metrics that allow you to zero in on a specific employee and their completion rates.

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Capture and Document Alternative Scenarios

Your employees are facing unique circumstances, and external factors can impede the completion of their action items. Our Campaigns tool allows you to grant exceptions to specific individuals with a campaign. Whether it was technical difficulties, attendance at an in-person training, or unforeseen circumstances, Campaigns allows you to treat your employees like human beings.

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