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Integrated Policy Management, Training and Communication

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Convercent’s Campaigns integrates policy management, training, and communication in one easy to use platform

Convercent Campaigns provides ethics and compliance professionals with a holistic view to uncover risks and identify trends

Communicate expectations, reinforce key concepts and measure completion and effectiveness. All from a single location.

Convercent Campaigns enables ethics and compliance professionals to distribute policies, training, and communications from one centralized place, then correlate the results with helpline, HR, and conflict of interest data. This kind of integration provides an unprecedented holistic view to uncover risks and identify trends. It also streamlines your compliance processes, extending the reach of your lean compliance team.

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Streamlined Policy Management and Compliance Training

When policies are distributed once a year, independently of other initiatives, it leads to reduced employee understanding, diminished impact of compliance program and limited ability to measure effectiveness.

  • Improve communication and program effectiveness through an easy to use interface and notification process
  • Micro-target user populations by any campaign attribute, geographic location or function
  • Capture encrypted, time- and date-stamped electronic signatures within the policy
  • View real-time training and policy status for any employee, department or region
  • Allow field managers to perform manager escalations using auto-notifications for incomplete employee actions
  • Get a holistic view of all employee compliance activity with our powerful Insights analytics application.

Streamline policy management and compliance training with Convercent’s Campaigns

We’re really excited about the campaign functionality where we can send out communications to our employees that contain policy material and training material in one communication.

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Kristy MeringoloChief Compliance Officer
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Learn about Chief Compliance Officer Kristy Meringolo’s experience with Convercent’s platform.

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Use automation to save you time and increase efficiency

  • Auto-enroll employees based on target criteria
    With Convercent Campaigns, ethics and compliance professionals can automatically distribute policies and online training to targeted employee groups like new hires or newly promoted managers. Simply set up your campaign and when an employee gets added to your system that matches your criteria, they get the campaign.
  • Automatic notifications to employees and managers
    Extend the reach of your lean compliance team by utilizing manager escalations with auto-notifications, alerting which employees haven’t completed their actions. Write the messages, choose the dates, then track completion rates while receiving alerts for overdue tasks.

Save time and increase efficiency with automated employee enrollment and notifications

Employee scorecards make it easy to instantly view the latest information on an employee’s compliance status instantly

Manage Engagement with Employee Scorecards

Never guess about an employee’s compliance status. Pull up their scorecard on the Ethics Cloud Platform to view the latest information instantly.

  • Get a 360 degree view of your employee engagement from issue involvement, policies attested to, disclosures submitted and training completed.
  • See which policy version was attested to (and when)
  • Access a complete record of training results
  • Export custom data sets for advanced reporting
  • Remain in a position of affirmative defense

Open Training & Learning Platform

Convercent’s scalable Learning Management System (LMS) ensures the delivery and tracking of the right training, to the right audience, at exactly the right time. Give your organization the tools and insight needed to ensure an effective, risk-based and defensible training program.

  • Fully integrated – Centralize training, risks, policies, cases and disclosures with automated campaigns to reduce redundancy, fatigue and training gaps.
  • Content Agnostic – Leverage any combination of third-party content in Convercent.
  • Single Sign-On – Reduce the number of staff logins and streamline IT management

Convercent’s Open Training and Learning Platform has the insight needed to create a risk-based and defensible training program

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