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WINNER: Convercent, Company of the Year

Q&A With CEO Patrick Quinlan

Company of the Year: Convercent

Top exec: Patrick Quinlan

Title: CEO


Convercent drives ethics to the center of business, leveraging its integrated ethics and compliance application connecting multiple risk areas and data points for ethics and compliance professionals. In 2020, the company quickly pivoted to help companies track the risk and impact of Covid-19 on their business and mitigate potential impact.

Biggest professional accomplishment of past year: Ending the year with the culture and trust inside Convercent that has us undeniably stronger than how we started 2020. We did it through intentional work that involved listening and hearing a diversity of voices across the organization. We also leaned into our values to include more uncomfortable and difficult conversations.

Biggest personal accomplishment of past year: I used the same intentionality and focus to work on becoming a more present and calmer husband to my wife, Kyla, and father to my two boys, Huck and Poe.

A year ago, where did you expect your organization to be on Jan 1. 2021? How does that compare to where you actually are today? My No. 1 goal for 2020 was to deepen and strengthen the trust across the organization. We accomplished that while becoming more mature and preparing for the scalability that our future requires. Additionally, and as a result, we succeeded in other things we had not planned on doing.

Biggest pandemic changes implemented at organization: We used our executive leadership team (ELT) code to make efficient and effective decisions, then used the trust and partnership with the broader leadership team to offer as much consistency and predictability as possible. We also hired the right people (remotely). The new team members we brought into the organization are truly passionate about bringing ethics to the center of business and truly fit the culture we have worked so hard building.

How permanent will those changes will be? They are now muscle memory and part of who we are.

Pandemic changes to industry: Our vision is to drive ethics to the center of business for a better world. I believe the events of this year — pandemic, Black Lives Matter, and political disintegration — have caused a vacuum in ethical leadership across society. We’re seeing businesses step into this trend, CEOs are taking stands on issues they never would have in the past and holding themselves, their leaders, and their whole organizations to higher standards.

I believe the ethical transformation in business today is closer to the beginning than the end of this positive megatrend.

2020 in three words: Real, unequal impact, and transformational.

Your vision for 2021 in three words: Kind, empathy, life

Your leadership style headed into a post-pandemic world: While change is always hard and difficult, I believe that humans exit transformational moments better and stronger than they entered. The conversation around the systematic racism in society forces us to become better. I embrace the change, and will lead with positive enthusiasm into a bolder future.

Your culture headed into a post-pandemic world: Ready.

Tell us about your support system: I view my personal and professional life as completely intertwined and utilize the same support system across both — my wife, my kids, coach Dean Hachamovitch, cooking and fresh air.

Pandemic escape: Walking. I walked thousands of miles through my neighborhood of Park Hill, on calls, daydreaming, thinking, and sometimes (but probably not enough) just walking.

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