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Modern Codes of Conduct

Last week, at the Converge conference in Denver, I had the pleasure of listening to Kurt Drake, Kimberly-Clark’s vice president and CECO, discuss how his company is digitizing and modernizing its code of conduct. The goal, Drake said, is to create an online code that serves as the “centerpiece of the company” and a “one-stop shop” reference guide where employees can get everything they need to operate effectively. Kimberly-Clark also plans to use the code to gather compliance-focused data analytics – an area we view as particularly challenging for compliance officers.
Kimberly-Clark isn’t the only company thinking about how to revolutionize its code. Last week, we published an article from Michael Lane and Bianca Carbonara at marketing agency Designory detailing how companies can create mobile-first codes of conduct. Creating a digital and easily accessible code is the key to “delivering crucial policy information and ethical decision-making guidance to the modern workforce,” Lane and Carbonara argued. Continuing the dialogue, in an upcoming issue we will feature a piece by Lockheed Martin’s Rielle Miller Gabriel, also discussing, in part, the move to a digital code of conduct, as well as other ways the company has adapted its compliance materials to make them relevant to a global audience.
I look forward to continuing to explore how companies can adapt their compliance codes and programs to meet the needs of the ever-changing workforce.
Nicole Di Schino

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