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Dispatches From Converge ’17 in Denver

Convercent is hosting its annual conference, Converge ’17, in Denver this week. Radical Compliance could not be there, so as a fun change of pace, below are a few photos and posts others have made on the Interwebs about the event…

First, the obligatory statement that young people are the future, and old people need to live with it:

Just remember, young people: the old people sign your paychecks, and their music was way cooler.

And then there was this observation about startups—

One presumes Uber was not part of that panel.




Some might say this has become more true since Jan. 20…


Thinking outside the donut box…


Don’t laugh. Clearly it worked…

All in all, Converge 17 looks like it was a blast. I will do my best to wrangle a press pass next year so I can provide live commentary. And if your organization is hosting a compliance, governance, risk, or audit event, always feel free to alert me at


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