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Convercent: Heck yeah, we’re from Denver

Ethics, policies and other compliance rules get updated with cloud-based compliance software

Filling out forms and obeying all the technical rules is no fun when running a company. But if you’re in a business where corporate compliance is the law, you don’t mess with not following the rules. You don’t want to end up like the former Zenefits CEO who was ousted for “inadequate compliance.”

Compliance scofflaws no more! Zenefits is now a customer of Convercent, the Denver software firm that helps larger companies stay in compliance with regulators and company ethics. Compliance training, whistle-blower hotlines, conflicts of interest — Convercent’s cloud-based software helps employees keep such policies in mind.

It’s like this: If Convercent’s software sees you bought a plane ticket to China, it’ll prompt you about corporate rules while traveling internationally. “What that means is we make managing policies and handling cases of misconduct, for example, a heck of a lot easier,” the company says. Ruby Tuesday, Under Armour, Arbnb, LinkedIn and hundreds of other customers apparently agree.

Headquarters: 929 Broadway in Denver

Founded: 1996 as Business Controls but renamed itself in 2013

Founders: Patrick Quinlan, CEO, and Philip Winterburn, chief product officer

Recent news: Raised $11 million from investors, for a total of $41.72 million to date

Employees: 70

Contact: 720-532-0484

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