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Convercent CEO to Deliver Keynote on Big Data and Compliance at ECOA’s 21st Annual Ethics and Compliance Conference in Chicago

Convercent, creators of integrated culture and compliance solutions, today announced that CEO Patrick Quinlan will deliver a keynote address on the opportunities and challenges of big data in the compliance industry at next week’s Ethics and Compliance Officer’s Association’s 21st Annual Ethics & Compliance Conference in Chicago.

“Big data has taken the world by storm, and it’s important for organizations to understand how this firehose of information can be narrowed into key insights that move business forward,” said Quinlan. “The compliance industry is in an especially critical time. To date, we’ve been lagging behind other areas of business—for example, marketing and HR—in getting a handle on how big data can help our organizations succeed.”

Quinlan’s general session keynote presentation will address this problem and lay out a vision for the modern, strategic compliance profession next Thursday, September 26th at 1:00pm:

Big Data: Big Risk or Big Opportunity? How It’s Challenging & Changing Ethics and Compliance

Organizations face an ever-growing threat. To quote Eric Schmidt, “From the dawn of time until 2003 human kind generated five exabytes of data. Now we produce that every two days.” Compounding the problem, almost 50% of corporate information is now stored in the cloud. Few organizations manage this data and the associated risk appropriately. However, like any great challenge, this data explosion also offers an incredible opportunity. We have an unprecedented ability to extract intelligence and insights from this morass of 1s and 0s. In his keynote address Patrick Quinlan will explore both sides of the Big Data coin and present the audience with some valuable insights on how to mitigate the risk and leverage the opportunity.

“The time is now for compliance professionals to put to work the big data surrounding ethics, compliance, incidents and employee engagement to achieve ethical and thriving cultures through insight,” added Quinlan.

As CEO of Convercent, Quinlan is leading the company that’s out to transform governance, risk and compliance (GRC) by creating the first solution to bring ethics, values, policies and compliance activities into one, fully integrated, easy-to-use cloud application. Available in more than 50 languages and accessible on any mobile device, Convercent is built for modern strategic compliance, empowering compliance officers with new levels of insight, control and authority across the broad spectrum of compliance, employee engagement, training and company-wide governance. With such a powerful integrated system, compliance professionals are now able to take a proactive role in their organization’s culture, ethics and values, as well as dramatically improve incident and case-management work.

Convercent supplements its software applications with industry-leading expertise to help shape and guide the ethical foundation of an organization. The company recently announced exciting new product features, including dashboards to measure organizational health based on big-data analytics, and an innovative new Campaign Management tool to make staff-wide and individual compliance education and management easier than ever.

To put Convercent to work immediately and bring your company’s values, employee behaviors and compliance efforts together for better governance and performance, please visit

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