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Convercent Accelerates Growth and Customer Adoption in 2014


Convercent, the leader in cloud compliance management, today announced a substantial increase in customer adoption in 2014, with 300 percent new sales growth fueled by a 79 percent increase in the number of companies using Convercent. Notable new customers include: CH2M Hill, Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, LinkedIn, Philip Morris International and Winn-Dixie.

“2014 was a year of significant growth for us, which is reflected by the number and types of organizations that now rely on Convercent to manage their critical compliance processes and analysis,” said Patrick Quinlan, CEO of Convercent. “It’s increasingly clear to us that the market is demanding more integration, more efficiency and more ease of use from the tools they employ—rightfully so. The status quo just won’t cut it for today’s complex business and legal environments, and we’re more than happy to help our customers verify and demonstrate the value, agility and effectiveness of the important work they do.”

Convercent Partners with LRN

LRN began incorporating Convercent’s Hotline and Case Management solutions into its portfolio of ethics and compliance education and advisory services.

Product Innovation

Convercent continued its rapid rate of innovation and made several notable enhancements to its platform in 2014. These included fully configurable data privacy settings to ensure adherence to global regulatory requirements, tailored landing sites to ease employee adoption, enhanced security integration with the delivery of single sign-on (SSO) to eradicate the need for employees to remember yet one more set of credentials and an integrated Risk Management module that delivers visibility to the effectiveness of risk mitigation strategies and controls deployed within the organization.

2015 Initiatives

Product momentum is expected to continue throughout 2015, with a key product enhancement and major product release scheduled for the first half of the year. In addition, the company anticipates the launch of a new corporate website and completing its ISO certification in the first quarter.

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