Policy Progress Tracking

Centralize Your Employee Attestation Records

Policy attestations protect your company from lawsuits and other damages. Ones that are easy to use by employees save time and increase compliance.

We let you see who has acknowledged and signed any documents you've delivered, in real-time. This translates into higher attestation rates, clearer tracking, and easier defense.

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Use Case: Employee Arbitration Agreements

Leverage Convercent to distribute, attest, and defend your company's arbitration agreements.

Wet Signatures for Policy Attestations

To protect your company against lawsuits, a defensible record of what policy was attested to, by whom, is critical.

Employee scorecards show signed policies and a digital certificate that verifies the authenticity of their online signature. And you can print and distribute the signed documents at any time.

Convercent allows you to track policy progress.

Better Control and Insight for Increased Defensibility

Get access to delivery, version, and attestation records to bolster the defensibility and credibility of your program. Instantly gauge employee comprehension of critical compliance concepts and spot where requirements aren't being met, so you can address shortcomings head on with corrective campaigns.

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Decrease Risk Through Increased Visibility

A live demo of our Policy Manager can show you how easy but powerful attestation management can be.