Michael Rasmussen and Keith Read discuss the new GDPR regulations and the possible consequences of non-compliance

Watch the Recorded Webinar:

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GDPR is upon us, but many organizations are still figuring out how they will comply with this extensive compliance obligation. While the penalties and compliance requirements are significant, the process and approach to GDPR compliance is very straight forward. This webinar will look at how to approach GDPR compliance in a systematic and logical compliance framework. Whether your organization is still scrambling to be compliant with the approaching deadline, or you are looking for ways to improve compliance to a program already in place, this webinar will provide practical guidance on how to make GDPR compliance efficient, effective, and agile in your dynamic and distributed business environment.

This webinar will specifically evaluate GDPR compliance to help the compliance professional:

  • Understand the requirements
  • Map how data is used and flows in your organization
  • Establish, communicate and train employees on GDPR policies
  • Manage GDPR compliance across third party relationships
  • Define a process to report issues and manage incidents.

At the end of the panel discussion, Convercent’s Product Manager, Yelena Kuskin walks through a short demo of the Convercent’s Ethics Cloud Platform’s solution for the GDPR. Watch this presentation to learn how Convercent is complying with the GDPR with fidelity for your Ethic and Compliance program reporting needs!