See how Unilever engages global employees by meeting them where they are.

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Sharon Gebhard, Global Business Integrity Director at Unilever, embraced the CONVERGE18 theme with her presentation, Driving Ethics in Action in a Global Organization at this year’s annual conference. Throughout her session, Sharon explains how Unilever engaged over 161,000 global employees in their ethics campaign titled, Protect What You Love.

Stressing the importance of meeting employees where they are – regardless of location, language or access to internet – Sharon shows you her journey to Africa in the name of ethics. See how understanding the geography of employees has inspired trust, given voice to the Unilever values and promoted business integrity with a strongly aligned tone from the top.

Gain insights and actionable takeaways based on Unilever’s successes and lessons learned.

  • What’s the tone from the top of your organization? See how C-suite and executive leadership impact campaign adoption.
  • How are you providing training to everyone in your organization? Take a page from Unilever on meeting employees where they are…no matter what.
  • Is your program working alone? Discover the power of combining business integrity with ethics and compliance for wider results.

Are just collecting information, or are you operationalizing information? Understand how Unilever’s tools provided a more efficient means of data collection and analysis.

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