Discover the 3 keys to a successful program with insights and real-life learnings from Kimberly-Clark.

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Philip Winterburn, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Convercent, took a human approach to ethics at CONVERGE18. He starts by asking everyone to think of a time when they felt vulnerable, and then encourages the audience to relive those emotions and feelings.

This human side to things is something we all need to remember as we operationalize ethics and put ethics into action.

Using three foundational pillars to outline his presentation, Philip calls on programs to increase efficiency and implement data-based solutions and benchmarking, without losing sight of the individuals you’re helping.

For an example of how it’s done, Ronnie Kann, Director of Global Ethics and Compliance at Kimberly-Clark showcases their interactive code of conduct.

Meeting employees where they are became a focus for Kimberly-Clark when they realized how antiquated and difficult to access their code of conduct was.

Using a variety of internal leaders, parallel branding to Kimberly-Clark, a chat bot named “KayCee” and a comprehensive E&C application, the new code of conduct has proven effective. Since its launch in mid-2018, the code of conduct has received close to 70k page views, with 3k interactions with KayCee, and achieved an average time-on-page of 3:47.

How long do you think your employees spend on pages in your code of conduct? How can you increase that time?

To begin answering this question for your organization, join Philip and Ronnie for an interesting look at the convergence of humanity and technology in ethics and compliance. In this video, you will:

  • Start to understand how data collection and human interactions meet for an elevated E&C program experience.
  • Get direct feedback on solutions that can simplify, integrate and acquire data for meaningful campaigns and solution-focused strategies.
  • Increase your reporting rate by 64% with a transparent, two-way experience that meets employees where they are.
  • Discover the world’s first live benchmarking solution that provides unfiltered visibility into hundreds of other programs to see how you compare.

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