Telecoms: Evolving compliance programs to outpace new risks

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Manage increased risk and market pressure by putting ethics at the center of your telecoms business. Our cloud-based, integrated ethics and compliance platform levels up your entire ethics and compliance program. See it in action today.


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An interactive portal for your code of conduct—and so much more

When you’re growing fast, it’s essential to have a strong foundation. Put ethics at the center of your company culture with a branded, interactive Ethics and Compliance Portal. Make your code of conduct interactive, bring your company values to life, and make policies and compliance information available at the tap of a finger to your entire workforce. Plus, engage employees proactively with engagement campaigns that can be targeted based on role, location, and more.

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Ethics and Compliance Portal Software Tablet Image

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Engage Your Global Workforce

Build a speak-up culture from the start with a configurable hotline that helps you build trust with employees. Convercent customers experience 57% higher reporting rates than industry average—meaning you can avoid potentially costly reputation damage that results from employees raising concerns through external channels.

Powered by a simple end user experience, Convercent’s Helpline and Case Manager allows reporters to tell their story, not fill in forms. From a hotline that you can buy now and implement fast, to a feature-rich solution that’s fit for an enterprise, Convercent has the hotline solution that fits your needs.

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Track the Effectiveness of Your Compliance Program

Track the performance of your compliance program in one place, with intuitive analytics dashboards and board-ready reporting. Break down data silos across the organization and make more informed decisions with complete risk visibility. Convercent’s Insights collects data from all aspects of your compliance program in one place and puts them in context with industry benchmarking. You gain the power to uncover root cause, track trends, and predict hotspots.

  • View incidents, reports, and disclosures in one centralized dashboard
  • See industry benchmarks to analyze and improve your compliance program
  • Predict trends and dig into underlying root causes

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Compliance Data Analytic Cards


“In choosing Convercent, we were enamored by the fact that it was a different approach to dealing with a known product. The innovation and thinking behind it is what captured our imagination…if you can be as agile and as innovative as we are, then you’re a great partner.”

Amyn Thawer

VP, Head of Global Compliance & Integrity at LinkedIn

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See the power of a integrated compliance solution.

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