Telecoms: Evolving compliance programs to outpace new risks

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Manage increased risk and market pressure by putting ethics at the center of your telecoms business. Our cloud-based, integrated ethics and compliance platform levels up your entire ethics and compliance program. See it in action today.


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Engage a Global Workforce

With a dispersed workforce and complex supplier relationships, it’s essential that your employees and third parties can find policies and compliance information at a moment’s notice. Integrate ethics into your company culture with a branded, interactive portal, and reach your workforce with targeted email campaigns based on their role, location, department and more.

  • Provide a single, interactive source of compliance information
  • Easily update your portal as regulations change, and provide context to external events
  • Communicate more effectively with anonymous, 24/7 chat, videos, and interactive elements

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Ethics and Compliance Portal Software Tablet Image

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Build a Speak-up Culture

Empower every member of your dispersed workforce by providing your employees with the most flexible compliance hotline in the industry. Powered by a simple end-user experience, Convercent’s helpline removes barriers, regardless of whether employees have access to a computer, and allows reporters to tell their story, not fill in forms.

Capture every allegation with 24/7 access to the most innovative set of intake channels available:

  • Dedicated phone lines
  • Web
  • Open-door / Proxy
  • Anonymous mobile texting

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Manage, Distribute, and Track Policies in One Place

With a high-turnover workforce, you need a policy manager that’s trackable, easy to update, and simple to use. And when all your policies can be found in one place, employees and suppliers always have a single source of truth.

  • Online attestation and policy management
  • Capture encrypted, date-stamped electronic signatures
  • Automate manager escalations with auto-notifications for incomplete actions
  • Micro-target user populations by location, function, and more

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Compliance Data Analytic Cards


Compliance Data Analytic Cards

Identify Trends and Track Effectiveness

Identify risk hotspots across your organization—from corporate offices to the front lines—with comprehensive data in an intuitive dashboard. Break down data silos and analyze integrated data for more informed decisions.

  • View incidents, reports, and disclosures in one centralized dashboard
  • See industry benchmarks to analyze and improve your compliance program
  • Predict trends and dig into underlying root causes

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Black & Veatch


“Our clients and partners know that we take compliance extremely seriously…Convercent provides us the platform so that employees can easily pick up the phone or go online to ask questions or report issues. Now, if an employee is making a tough decision, they’re making it with the cumulative strength of the company behind them.”

Peter Loftspring

Assistant GC, SVP at Black & Veatch

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