Drill down and refine your approach to compliance

Compliance in the energy industry is a like a bowl of alphabet soup—FERC, NERC, CFTC, OSHA, EPA, NRC. The regulations and regulatory bodies are seemingly endless, and constantly changing, creating a complex and risk-laden environment to do business in.

Well-crafted, comprehensive and cohesive policies, training, tracking and reporting are critical for companies to avoid the well-publicized business risks associated with non-compliance in the energy and utilities sector. Convercent’s risk-based, integrated products make tackling the job easier than ever while providing a highly configurable, agile solution that allows you to quickly adapt to shifting requirements and priorities. Designed to give you unprecedented insight into your program’s effectiveness in addressing your most pressing risks, Convercent allows you to connect the design, delivery and results of your policies, training, whistleblower reports, investigations and disclosures. With robust reporting and customizable dashboards, the most important information will always be right in front of you.

maintain organizational compliance around:

  • Bribery and corruption
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Data privacy and security
  • Discrimination
  • Environmental, health and safety
  • Fair competition
  • Government contract compliance
  • Information privacy and security
  • Misuse of company assets
  • Trade controls

Keys to Success:

  • Accessibility via web and mobile
  • Easy distribution and tracking of training, policies and procedures
  • Robust disclosure management system
  • Anonymous reporting hotline available via multiple channels and languages
  • Complex case management for multiple allegation types and involved parties
  • Comprehensive reporting and deep analytics across regions and functions
  • Risk-based solution to prioritize and address risks based on severity

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