Improve your hotline effectiveness, encourage a speak up culture.

Recent movements like #MeToo have highlighted the need for companies to focus on encouraging employees to speak up in the face of unethical behavior. Researchers have also found that environment plays a big role in whether or not employees will report issues. An effective Helpline is more important than ever before.

Join us Thursday, February 14th at 9 a.m. MST for an engaging webinar to answer some of your top questions including:

  • How can my company move beyond check the box compliance, and what does a demonstrably effective Helpline actually look like in practice?
  • It’s my organization’s first time setting up an employee-focused Helpline… what should we do first? (We’ll also cover how to get leadership buy-in for a full platform.)
  • We’re going through a M&A/moving toward an IPO… how can we make sure our ethics and compliance program isn’t dropped in the process?
  • My organization already has a Helpline in place, but what’s the best way to scale the program?
  • I know you can’t create an effective Helpline in a vacuum — what else needs to happen within the organization to facilitate success?

After the webinar, attendees will receive easy-to-use templates to “secret shop” their own helpline to identify gaps, areas to re-train, and gather data to test and measure performance.



Keith Read
Group Director of Compliance and Ethics for British Telecom


Keith is an award-winning thought leader and expert in compliance, ethics, culture, bribery, supply chain and risk management. He was formerly the Group Director of Compliance and Ethics for BT (British Telecom) with responsibility for compliance, ethics and regulatory risk management, covering 150,000 employees and contractors operating in some 176 countries. He is a past winner of the Compliance Register’s Best Compliance Officer Award, when he also won the Best Compliance Company award; he was subsequently the subject of a full-page Daily Telegraph national press article – ‘Compliance and Science’.



Autumn Sanelli, MA, CCEP
Senior Director, Professional Services at Convercent

A licensed, trained, and experienced workplace investigator, Autumn is uniquely positioned to support prospects and customers in understanding how to apply Convercent’s technology solutions to everyday processes. Autumn has worked in the industry for over 15 years and has been with Convercent since it’s inception. Autumn works with customers post sale to assist in process mapping while ensuring a successful delivery and implementation.