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Benchmark your compliance program against the last three months of helpline data from around the world.

Global helpline data went haywire when COVID-19’s spread disrupted workplaces everywhere in March. Join Tom Fox and Philip Winterburn as they examine global helpline data from March, April, and May to discern the initial impact of COVID-19 on helpline reporting, what the data implies for compliance leaders, and what is happening now that people are going back to work or adjusting to long-term work from home arrangements. We’ll also examine how the DOJ’s 2020 update should impact your use of data.

You’ll learn:

  • How COVID-19 impacted trust in the workplace globally
  • Which issue types and reporting methods have fluctuated most
  • How to adjust your compliance program in light of recent global helpline data
  • What your action plan should be moving forward


Tom Fox Headshot

Tom Fox

The Compliance Evangelist,
Founder Compliance Podcast Network

Tom Fox has practiced law in Houston for 34 years. He was most recently the General Counsel at Drilling Controls, Inc., a worldwide oilfield manufacturing and service company. He is now one of the country’s leading experts on compliance, risk management, and corporate governance.

Philip Winterburn

Chief Strategy Officer

In partnership with Patrick Quinlan, Barclay Friesen and Chuck Boyle, Philip launched Convercent with the vision of developing a modern GRC solution for the business community. As Convercent’s Chief Strategy Officer, Philip has been responsible for making that vision a reality, drawing on his technology expertise to lead the construction of Convercent’s innovative GRC product from the ground up.

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