Denver Leadership Roundtable & Discussion – Digital Transformation

In this highly interactive Converge Roundtable hosted by Convercent and Microsoft, we are bringing together local ethics and compliance leaders for a closed-door roundtable lunch to discuss the industry’s biggest challenges and insights around the digital transformation.

Over the last decade the concept of “digital transformation” has become a catch-all term for companies looking to gain a competitive advantage. Whether it’s the promise of delivering operational efficiencies, modernizing legacy infrastructure, or leveraging emerging technology to drive innovation, most enterprise organizations are well underway on their digital transformation journey.

However as the pace of digital transformation accelerates, a key function inside the enterprise is often left behind: Corporate Ethics and Compliance. In this roundtable we will examine how cloud-native technologies, Data Science and AI can increase the value of the role of the Ethics and Chief Compliance Officer as well as discuss the importance of aligning with IT and their prioritization of the digital transformation.

Why attend:

  • Roundtable discussions led by industry thought leaders about going on the digital transformation journey—how to get started and gain momentum!
  • Learn pain points and best practices while also discussing opportunities
  • A strong support network of ethics and compliance colleagues to lean on after the event’s conclusion and resources to help you be successful