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A quickly developing, high-impact situation like a global pandemic requires a fast, yet thoughtful compliance response. Regulatory bodies around the world have already indicated that investigations based on complaints related to COVID-19 will involve increased scrutiny, while the American FTC and DOJ have issued a joint statement indicating that they will hold accountable anyone found guilty of subverting competition or preying on consumers while the pandemic unfolds.

The compliance team at VF Corporation, parent to The North Face, Timberland, JanSport, and more, have developed a COVID-19 playbook that demonstrates a clear path forward for their peers in the compliance field. Join us on Tuesday, April 28 to unpack their five-step approach to mitigating risk during the COVID-19 crisis.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Re-align compliance priorities and stay nimble during a crisis
  • Put together a specific crisis communications plan that keeps your workforce engaged with compliance as they face increased pressure and new opportunities for misbehavior
  • Reassess your risk exposure in the face of COVID-19 and mitigate risk by thinking outside the box

If you haven’t watched our first two webinars about the ongoing impact of coronavirus on ethics and compliance, check out our COVID-19 Resource Center to watch them now.


Karin Johnson Headshot

Karin Johnson

Senior Counsel, Ethics and Compliance
VF Corporation

Marc Alain Bohn Headshot

Marc Alain Bohn

Senior Counsel, Anti-Corruption Compliance
VF Corporation

Patti Saunders Headshot

Patti Saunders

EVP, Customer Success

Marianne Ibrahim Headshot

Marianne Ibrahim

Director of Compliance
Baker Hughes

Andrew Okhotin Headshot

Andrew Okhotin

Associate General Counsel

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