If ethics and compliance professionals want executive support for their programs, they need to demonstrate real business value to the leadership team. To do that, they need data.

As a Convercent customer, you already know how data can amplify the effectiveness of the compliance message. Now, thanks to the newest capabilities in Insights, effectively communicating that message to the board is even easier… and the message is more powerful than ever.

Watch this on-demand webinar for a look at the new reporting and analytics features within Insights, including:

  • Features built with board reporting in mind — view data-rich reports with the click of your mouse and reduce preparation time from weeks to minutes.
  • Real-time data visualizations that allow you to tell a more compelling data story and track program effectiveness.
  • Cross-application analytics – actionable data all in one place to analyze trends and root causes.
  • Custom dashboards for different audiences, such as the board, regional leadership, and other groups demonstrating the value of your program.

No matter where your compliance program is in its data journey, this webinar will show you some of the tools that can be used to demonstrate the real business benefits of your compliance program to the board. Even if you think your reporting is already good, just wait until you see what’s possible with Insights.



Phil Knight
Product Manager at Convercent


As a product manager at Convercent, Phil is primarily responsible for Insights reporting and benchmarking within the Convercent Ethics Cloud platform. He has an extensive background in product development and joined Convercent in 2016 after spending 15 years working in higher education. Phil was born and raised in Liverpool, England and remains a passionate football fan.

Weston Sutter
Customer Success Manager

As a Customer Success Manager, Weston offers a unique perspective and understanding around the specific use cases and business values that Convercent affords our partners in the Ethics & Compliance, Legal and Human Resource functions.  Having worked with a 125+ of Convercent’s customers, from verticals spanning the manufacturing sector to high-tech, Weston’s expertise is grounded in best-practice knowledge.