• Connect with your peers – exchange best practices and build partnerships with other Convercent customers 
  • Gain insights from your Customer Success Manager – hear the tools and techniques which can support your initiatives 
  • Share strategies to navigate current issues – learn how other companies are mitigating increased risk within their organizations especially as employees return to work 



  • How current societal movements and crises are affecting programs and how other customers are balancing an increased workload  
  • Strategies to influence company culture and help drive ethics to the center of your organization 
  • Discussions scenario-based training, communication, and messaging styles to keep your employees engaged with your program 

*Conversations are organic, so we cannot promise that each of these topics will be discussed, but these are common themes 



  • Learn pain points and best practices from your peers while also discussing opportunities 
  • A strong support network of ethics and compliance colleagues to lean on after the event’s conclusion  
  • Learn about the 24/7 365 CONVERGE ecosystem and how it can support you and your role