CONVERGE Roundtable Lunch – Chicago

In far too many boardrooms today, Compliance and Ethics professionals are presenting their trends and findings with no context. There is a blindness in these organizations because they lack benchmarking analysis that can help bring that context to bear, or if benchmarks are being used, they are invariably out of date or irrelevant.

In this highly interactive Converge Roundtable hosted by Convercent, we are bringing together local ethics and compliance leaders for a closed-door roundtable lunch to discuss the industry’s biggest challenges and insights around reporting and benchmarking. Join us to hear from your peers on how they are using benchmarks, what data they value, where they get it, and how they have used it to transform the boardroom dialogue.

Discussions will:

  • Explore the pros and cons of benchmarking
  • What pitfalls to avoid, and what best practices to adopt
  • Review context around Benchmarking data, not just trends, to better present to the board
  • and more!

Why attend:

  • Roundtable discussions led by industry thought leaders about one of industry’s biggest challenges – real-time benchmarking!
  • Learn pain points and best practices from your peers while also discussing opportunities
  • A strong support network of ethics and compliance colleagues to lean on after the event’s conclusion and resources to help you be successful