Think about the last time you updated your Code of Conduct—how long did that information stay valid after publishing? How long until there was new information that needed to be added in? In today’s landscape, change is inevitable. With the high cost of traditional Code of Conduct rebuilds and updates, it’s no wonder that ethics and compliance professionals have been trying to come up with innovative new ways to make their static Code of Conduct into an engaging and agile document.

  • How current societal movements and crises are affecting programmes
  • Strategies to influence company culture and help drive ethics to the center of your organisation
  • Discussions, scenario-based training, communication, and messaging styles to keep your employees engaged with your programme
  • Connect with your peers – an exclusive virtual roundtable dedicated to ethics and compliance professionals who are looking to benchmark and gauge best practice on Code of Conduct and Employee Engagement
  • Understand best practices to navigate crises in current times – learn how other organisations are facing the challenges and risks of today, in real time
  • Share strategies to navigate current issues – Learn how other companies are creating a more agile Code of Conduct during this time of constant change
  • Leave with actionable materials to assess and evolve your programme
  • Learn pain points and best practices from your peers while also discussing opportunities
  • A support network of ethics and compliance colleagues to lean on after the event concludes and resources to help you be successful