“Are these trends isolated to my organization, or are there external factors at play?”


“Are global trends, like #MeToo, having an impact on our company?”


Now you can answer these questions, and countless others, with Convercent’s first-in-class Benchmarking tool. The application allows users to instantly and easily evaluate ethical performance, both internally and against the broader corporate world.


Benchmarking capabilities are the newest addition to Convercent’s powerful Ethics Cloud Platform, and this webinar will show you how to use them. You’ll also…


  • Learn the science and business application behind benchmarking, including how to measure, monitor, and improve ethical performance in your organization.
  • See how you can proactively visualize emerging global trends… even before your organization experiences them.
  • Learn how to answer board questions with ease while demonstrating the real business benefits of your compliance program.
  • Walk away with the motivation to use data to justify conversations with the board, including requests for additional spend, discussions about ethics & compliance strategy shifts, and more.


Phil Knight and Michael Hanson will also share a live demonstration of Convercent’s Benchmarking application, and there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.



Phil Knight
Product Manager at Convercent


As a product manager at Convercent, Phil is primarily responsible for Insights reporting and benchmarking within the Convercent Ethics Cloud platform. He has an extensive background in product development and joined Convercent in 2016 after spending 15 years working in higher education. Phil was born and raised in Liverpool, England and remains a passionate football fan.


Michael Hanson
Data Scientist at Convercent


Michael is responsible for designing and building innovative new processes for mining, production and visualization of the datasets used in Convercent’s solutions. His expertise provides Convercent clients with better insights into their ethics and compliance environments. Prior to joining our team, Michael worked as a criminal intelligence analyst and with local Swiss police departments using data science to help discover patterns in criminal activities.