End of Year Reporting Success Kit

Whether you work on the calendar year or your company’s own fiscal calendar, the “end of the year” is always a time for reflection, assessment, planning and reports. As the requirements for an effective compliance program increase and more compliance professionals find themselves in front of expectant boards, these end of year reports are becoming more important and weighted.

Achieving the best end of year report doesn’t have to be daunting. By approaching it as a distinct three-step process you can compile the perfect report every time. This End of Year Reporting Success Kit will walk you through each stage of preparing your report so you can confidently stand in front of the board come presentation time.

Assess Your Program
Beating the Benchmark

[Guide] Beating the Benchmark

When it comes to benchmarking your program, the better you plan, and the deeper you dig, the more useful your benchmarking efforts will be. Make sure you’re meeting these key benchmarking standards.

Bottom-Line Measures of Compliance

[Guide] Bottom-line Measures

Sometimes the board might question the importance of investing in an effective compliance program. This guide highlights seven bottom–line measures you can use to convey the benefits in ways that will resonate with your board.

Gather Your Metrics
Compliance Metrics

[Infographic] Integrated Compliance & Ethics Metrics

This infographic and article from the Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG) illustrates how measuring compliance initiatives supports organizational integrity and leads to better overall organizational decision making.

Data Driven Compliance

[Guide] The Imperative for Data-Driven Compliance

Don’t collect just any metrics — focus on ones that are measurable, verifiable and contextual. In other words, the metrics you gather about your compliance program should tell you something about your compliance program.

Plan Your Report
Killer Board Report

[Guide] 10 Tips for a Killer Board Report

As boards of directors take a more active role in company compliance programs, they’re going to increasingly look to their top compliance professionals for updates, insights and recommendations. Keep the board captivated, informed and confident by following these 10 tips for a killer presentation.

Presentation Planning Checklist

[Checklist] The Essential Presentation Planning Checklist

This 27-point checklist will help you condense your knowledge and metrics into a comprehensive report for the board.

Board Deck Sample

[Template] Sample Board Report: Ethics & Compliance Program Update

Once you have all your information, you need a way to organize and present it. This sample board report will help you organize the real deal.