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Conflicts of Interest (COIs) can cause problems that almost always become management problems. And it’s up to you as the compliance executive to not only find the symptom but identify the problem that caused the issue to begin with.

COIs are a tremendous risk area for many organizations, and in most cases, instigate other misconduct.

This interactive webinar will help you get to the bottom of each issue and features guest experts Nick Hayes of Forrester Research and Katie Smith, AVP and Chief Ethics Officer at USAA to present:

  • Types of Conflicts of Interest and the risks they create 
  • What a well-designed COI management program looks like
  • How to elicit, review, clear, monitor and manage disclosures of COIs
  • Building the case (and budget) for COI management
  • Reporting on results to proactively mitigate misconduct 

Recorded Live: March 30, 2016

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