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Learn how your program measures up to the new Department of Justice Guidance: Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs

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With the recently published 2019 DOJ Guidance for Corporate Compliance Programs, compliance professionals everywhere are asking, how does this affect my program? Well we at Convercent didn’t want to just give you our thoughts, we wanted to give you something useful.

We created an interactive self-assessment, allowing you to objectively rate how your program would stand up to the new guidelines. With roughly 200 questions, this document is made for you to think critically about your program and if it aligns with the DOJ Guidance.

How It Works

The assessment sets out to dig into three fundamental questions:

  1. Is your corporation’s compliance program well designed?
  2. Is your corporate compliance program being implemented effectively?
  3. Does your corporate compliance program work in practice?

After compiling your answers, the document will provide a scorecard on the various sections and overall ratings of each high-level focus area. The assessment is only the first installment of a series focused on the 2019 Department of Justice’s guidelines and how they apply to your company. In partnership with Tom Fox, The Compliance Evangelist, we will be publishing best practices and recommendations on how to improve your program.

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