DOJ Guidelines: Recommended Best Practices

Learn what the new DOJ Guidelines are looking for and what best practices will help elevate your ethics and compliance program to meet them.

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What Is the DOJ Looking For?

The recent release of the Department of Justice’s Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Program has compliance professionals wondering what is the DOJ looking for, and how the DOJ is viewing ethics and compliance programs today?. Convercent’s EVP & CECO Katie Smith, in collaboration with Tom Fox, The Compliance Evangelist, created a guide of compliance best practices that are recommended in light of the new guidelines. These are initiatives and processes that, if implemented, will elevate your program in complying with the DOJ guidelines.

First Self-Assess Your Program

The first step in elevating your compliance and ethics program in light of the guidelines is to take a granular look at each aspect of your program, and make critical assessments of its design, implementation, and effectiveness. We have created a robust self-assessment that will walk you through each section of the guidelines and help you baseline your program’s level of compliance. We encourage you to complete this assessment as a prerequisite to reading our recommended best practices, as it will give you a benchmark of how your program is designed is today. Following your completion of the self-assessment, take a look at our best practice guide to further enhance and grow your program.
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